Who are we:


Impilo is a Local Economic Development Agency that specializes in the implementation of locally based Development projects for the people by the people. Our emphasis is on deriving value from waste materials in poor communities by commercializing innovative technologies through business planning and implementation that emphasizes on small enterprise development and job creation.


Our belief is that ‘there is value in waste’ and by using best international practices in the management of waste, we are able to design projects that offer solutions to the local environmental challenges associated with the improper disposal of waste while creating value through locally owned small enterprises.



The team is led by experienced leaders in the field of waste management and enterprise development.  

Our specialists have all known each other for many years and have worked together on many assignments. 


Because of this, our team is well coordinated. This results in more effective working results in quality service in a shorter time.


Because of our greater experience with fixed-price and fast-track projects, our specialist will deliver the optimum results with more certainty, more quickly.


We are thereby able to identify priority issues rapidly and spend less time on unimportant matters.


Consequently, our methods of working will be more efficient.


Impilo Yesibili (Pty) Ltd  has partnered with a Section 21 Company, USE-IT Waste Beneficiation (RF) NPC as implementing agent.  This agreement relates to business development within the green economy and to provide other specialized services at the newly constructed Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre to further the environment, social and charitable purposes related to the non-profit and to develop new technologies within the waste industry into sustainable SMME's.

Impilo Yesbili (Pty) Ltd