Ulusha Labadidyeli (Youth Inventors and Makers)


USE IT and Impilo Yesibili have initiated the Ulusha Labadidyeli Woodworking program at the Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre.

We have 29 young people hired through the Youth Employment Services (YES) Program. These youths have no previous work experience and 11 of them are being trained on woodworking skills.

The aim of the program is to up skill the 29 candidates to develop opportunities for SMME in the area.


To ensure that the project is sustainable, materials and tools are required. USE IT has created a partnership with Heart Eco who reclaim timber from packing crates. Heart Eco collects the used packing crates from Man Trucks, who import engine and gearbox parts from Germany and Mexico. These crates are then stripped and de-nailed and the wood resold into the marketplace.

Heart Eco trained 20 of the YES candidates in safety and basic wood working and tooling. During the training the YES candidates also assisted Heart Eco with the stripping process and secured a large amount of wood as starting materials for new wood crafted products.


The wood workers are currently using a jig saw, small drilling machines, a grinder and a cut off mitre saw to manufacture products. There are no vices, planers, sanders, clamps or joiners. We also do not have finishing materials such as sealants, varnish or glues.

This is far from ideal when quality finished products are required from potential customers and retailers. But with these limitations a number of products have been created and inventive ways have been thought out by the candidates.

They realise that good strong quality items can be produced from what would otherwise be construed as a waste material.


Impilo Yesbili (Pty) Ltd